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Aika Pitta Body Anoint Oil 100ml

Brand: Aika


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Pitta Dosha products are mindfully created to be cooling, calming, soothing and pacifying for your skin, body and emotions.
Suitable for Sensitive and Combination skin type

AIKA Award-winning certified organic skincare AIKA Award-winning certified organic skincare AIKA Award-winning certified organic skincare AIKA Award-winning certified organic skincare AIKA Award-winning certified organic skincare

A cooling and calming exquisitely aromatic Pitta balancing Ayurvedic daily massage oil ritual for strengthening, toning and hydrating your skin, relaxing your muscles and soothing your soul into a divine level of true wellbeing.

Anoint yourself with this precious blend of exquisitely aromatic and skin nourishing oils. The Sanskrit word for oil Sneha, means love. Massaging your whole body with oils is a profound and mindful act of loving self-care that benefits your whole self, leading to higher levels of wellbeing and consciousness. This special herbal oil provides the means for trans-dermal absorption of the therapeutic qualities of the nutrients through the skin while simultaneously allowing for the elimination of toxins.

Your Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage ritual combines deeply emollient and anti-oxidant rich plant oils of Camellia, Coconut, Macadamia and Neem brimming with essential fatty acids and vitamins. An infusion of cooling Rose and Liquorice will help relieve skin sensitivity, release irritation and calm your deep emotions. Palmarosa, Geranium, Sweet Orange and Patchouli will soothe and comfort your Pitta nature leaving a trail of subtle aroma to help you mindfully return to self-love with gratitude throughout your day.


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The Pitta Body Anoint has been consciously created around the principles of the Ayurvedic Abhyanga which is the anointing of your body with herbal oils. It is an integral part of a daily self-care routine, Dinacharya, for promoting wellbeing and longevity of living.



  • Nourishes and lubricates the entire body with phyto-nutrients to increase longevity and minimise premature aging.
  • Increases muscle tone, firmness and imparts vigour to all seven dhatus (tissues) of the body.
  • Increases blood circulation and enables movement of nutrients and oxygen within the body.
  • Moves the lymph and aids in removal of toxins.
  • Helps eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Cools and nourishes the body, calms the emotions, reduces stress and promotes deep restful sleep.
  • Softens, smoothens and strengthens the elasticity and lustre of skin.
  • Removes blockages by opening the channels to restore optimal flow of Prana (vital) energy.



1. The Pitta Anoint is created with virgin coconut oil which may solidify in cooler climates. To melt simply immerse your bottle in warm to hot water first.

2. Warm oil in palms and massage lovingly and mindfully with a medium pressure slowly over your entire body. Use long strokes over your limbs and circular strokes around the joints, stomach and chest always working upwards towards your heart.


  • Use the Pitta Anoint as an opulent bath oil for a sensuous and aromatic bathing ritual. Simply add a few pumps to a warm to hot bath.
  • Perfect for using after dry body brushing to help absorption and stimulate the lymph.
  • It is very beneficial to apply the Pitta Body anoint before yoga, sports or physical activities. This will warm and increasing the circulation in your muscles and ligaments.

Please note that during cooler temperatures, the virgin unrefined coconut oil in the Aika Pitta Body Anoint may naturally thicken and become semi-solid during cooler temperatures which may affect the flow through the pump. If this occurs, it’s best to place the bottle in a bowl of hot water (with lid tightly closed) to soften the oil and make it easier to dispense.



Aika believes your skin and body deserve only the best. That’s why purity is essential to Aika and Aika sources the very best certified ingredients from around the world. All Aika ingredients are intentionally chosen based on Ayurvedic principles to purify, restore, rejuvenate and bring radiance to your skin, body and mind.

Key Ingredients

  • Camelia Seed Oil – This feather light deep penetrating green tea oil is rich in essential fatty acids, emollients is antioxidant rich and helps to protect the skin from free radical damage. Camellia seed oil is anti-inflammatory, cicatrisant (helps fade scars & spots on the skin)and astringent, making it perfect for combination, sensitive and problematic skin that needs soothing, scar reducing and hydration without blemishes.
  • Neem Oil – Known as the ‘Village Pharmacy’ Neem is one of the most versatile Ayurvedic herbs and it’s cool, light and bitter qualities make it a wonderful Pitta pacifier. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory, lubricating and calming properties for the skin. Its antibacterial action has been used for centuries on skin problems such as acne, rashes and hyper-pigmentation. It has a purifying action on the body helping to get rid of metabolic waste.
  • Rose – The essence of the queen of flowers and historically known as Attar of Rose, intoxicatingly rich and deep certified organic Rose Otto has been used for thousands of years for its effect on the skin, body, mind and spirit. It has a special place in Ayurveda for its role in calming the subdosha of Pitta called Sadhaka Pitta, which governs the emotions and the heart, earning its place as the flower of love. It also balances the subdosha of Vata called Prana Vata which sits in the heart chakra and rules the mind and perception, to alleviate anxiety and depression, making Rose a bridge between the heart and mind. On the skin it is cooling, slightly astringent and its anti-microbial action helps alleviate acne and blemishes. It is anti-inflammatory and strengthens the capillaries preventing couperose skin, red veins and sensitivity. It is a strong rejuvenator and assists skin to stay bright, firm and radiant.
  • Patchouli – Derived from the Tamil word ‘Paccilai’ meaning ‘green leaf’, Patchouli has a deep, spicy, earthy aroma and has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for its warming and moistening properties which benefits both Vata and Pitta. It is extremely healing and rejuvenating on the skin and promotes tissue repair and firmness. It reduces pigmentation, scarring and inflammation and helps alleviate Pitta related conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. On the emotions and mind Patchouli has an anti-depressive and calming effect that alleviates anger and heightened emotions.

Full Ingredients

Camellia oleifera (camellia oil), Cocos nucifera (coconut oil),Macadamia integriforia (macadamia oil), Azadirachtaindica (neem oil), Citrus sinensis (sweet orange), rosa centifolia (rose), Glycyrrhizaglabra(liquorice), Cymbopogon martini (palmarosa), Pelargonium graveolens (geranium), Pogostemoncablin (patchouli).

* Store below 25C in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. Use within 6 months of opening. Patch testing before use recommended.



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