Julisa Rose Quartz Jade Roller is now available at One Fine Secret. Clean Beauty Store in Melbourne, Australia.


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Julisa offers their mermaid tribe mindful beauty choices with ethical products that make impact physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially.

Juliet founded Julisa with a range of certified vegan non-toxic nail polish, and has just expanded with gemstone facial massage rollers and wild-harvested organic tamanu skin oil.

Certified vegan and cruelty free by both Choose Cruelty Free Australia and PETA.org. No animal testing. Locally made on the Gold Coast.

Julisa Jade Roller Certifications


Julisa's Unique & Special Jade Rollers

"Ahoy & welcome to our tribe, merbabe!

Being a self-confessed eco beauty junkie, I started blogging five years before I launched Julisa with a mission to help my tribe detoxify their beauty cabinets. I made a life-changing decision to switch over to clean beauty after struggling with hormonal issues for years. Having gone through the switch (which could be quite overwhelming yet surely rewarding), I'm hoping to inspire you to go down the mindful path too.

I'm a big advocate of mindful beauty. It means choosing mindfully based on the effectiveness of the products, ingredients and most importantly - who, where, how and why the products are made.

My commitment to finding the best clean & vegan nail polish range that I can wholeheartedly trust has led me to create Julisa. I struggled to find a range of clean nail polish that comes in all sorts of 'mermaidy,' other-worldly sparkles and glitters. I knew I wanted a magical colour palette that will have my merbabe tribe swooning!

I feel that cultivating a sense of mindfulness in our lives mean so much more than what touches our skin and body. I feel every purchase decision I make is an expression of who I am and that should be guided by my heart.

When I started Julisa I made a pledge to remain 100% cruelty-free and vegan as a company as we grow. I’m so glad to have built a tribe who cares about these values and am seeing a thriving community. Let's connect & play. x" by Juliet, Founder of Julisa.



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