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by Rhiannon Mapstone, the founder of Yalu Natural Perfume

“Yalu's philosophy is simple, we nurture with nature. Cultivating wellness of the mind, body and spirit through specialty handmade herbal tea blends, crystal infused oils and green beauty products.

I always had a deep fascination with nature and healing botanicals. Mixing and playing with flowers to create 'medicine' are some of my earliest memories. I use to make ‘flower perfume’ out of roses and lavender with one of my childhood friends. We squished the flowers in a hanky, rolled them into balls and soaked them in jars full of water. We’d line up all the finished jars on her fence and attempt to sell them to neighbours walking by. So the desire to share was always there.

I have worked as a Naturopathic healer working in clinics, predominately specialising in treating thyroid disorders. What I learned during this experience is that I want to reach more people and help them connect with the abundant and available healing power of plants. By crafting my own unique herbal tea blends and natural skincare products, I’m achieving that dream.

Sharing this knowledge and crafting with herbs is my deepest joy. I hope you have as much fun playing with my creations as I have making them for you!”


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