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MV Skintherapy

Welcome to the next evolution in holistic skincare

For more than two decades, acclaimed beauty therapist and beauty rebel Sharon McGlinchey has built her award-winning, all-natural skincare brand according to one simple mantra: My Vision, My Values.

The Australian 'Cult' skincare loved by celebrities and make-up artists across the globe. The award winning natural skincare for acne, eczema, rosacea, PCOS and sensitive skin.



Meet Sharon McGlinchey, Founder of MV Organic Skincare. One Fine Secret Clean Beauty
"In 1998 I attended a ‘make your own skincare’ workshop in a bid to help a client who’d developed a severe petrochemical sensitivity. It didn’t take me long to discover that the bad news about what went into cosmetic products – from endocrine disruptors to toxic chemicals – was true; and, in fact, it was worse than I’d been led to believe.

There was no going back – I knew that I had to change my approach to skincare entirely and, at the same time, I resolved to empower women to make better-informed decisions about what they put on their skin too.

Ever since that day, 19 years ago, I have been on the same quest: to create organic, natural skin care with an open and honest approach to what I do. I think of myself as a passionate chef, using the world’s most powerful, precious and pure ingredients – all of which work holistically to transform skin and nourish our senses. Having learned so much, I feel that using commercial skincare is tantamount to eating junk food every day.

Nineteen years on, here I am, working closely with naturopaths and complementary health practitioners – and still gaining so much satisfaction from helping people achieve radiant healthy skin, naturally.”


Award winning Australian skincare. Experience MV Skin Therapy at One Fine Secret. Natural & Organic Skincare Store in Melbourne CBD, Australia.




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