MV Skincare Frequently Asked Questions

New name for MV Organic Skincare. MV Skin Therapy at One Fine Secret. MV Skincare Official Stockist in Melbourne, Australia.

Do I remove the Gentle Cream Cleanser with cotton balls or sponges?

Neither, you remove the cleanser with either a Compress Cloth or face washer. By holding a warm damp cloth over the face and allowing the heat to lightly steam and soften the skin you are, in effect, giving yourself a gently exfoliating mini facial every day.


Can I use the cream cleanser in the shower?

MV's rich creamy formulation has been designed specifically to be removed with a slightly damp, warm-hot compress. This should take place over the sink and compressing repeated 2-4 times.

This will definitely remove all traces of make-up and grime without stripping. Only foam and gel cleansers should be rinsed off in the shower but please note, if you have sensitive skin, many of these 'wash-off' products have a high pH level, so are quite stripping and irritating.


Does the cream cleanser remove eye make-up?

If the skin around the eye area is not sensitive, yes. If the skin is sensitive use 3-4 drops of Pure Jojoba on a damp make up removal disc, hold over eye for a count of 5 seconds, then using light pressure, gently wipe away.


Why isn't there an eye cream in the MV range?

MV formulations are so fine and so gentle they can be used around the outer circle of the eye. However, avoid placing creams inside the circle of the eye as the delicate skin in this area may become irritated and/or puffy.


What can I use if I have very sensitive eyes?

One drop of Pure Jojoba, pressed between both middle fingers then gently pressed around the orbital bone. Jojoba is a unique liquid wax almost identical to the skin's own sebum, making it a perfect super-fine, non-irritating, non-clogging treatment for the delicate eye area.


How do I use the MV Skin Boosters?

You can:

  • a) use them alone (particularly at night)
  • b) mix 2-4 drops in with half a pump of moisturiser, blend together and apply to the skin or
  • c) apply the oil first then follow with moisturiser where the skin is particularly dry or dehydrated.


Why do I need to dampen my skin before I moisturise?

Spritzing with Rose Hydrating Mist after cleansing and before moisturising

  • a) allows for rapid penetration of product
  • b) locks in a vital layer of moisture to hydrate the skin and
  • c) reduces the amount of product required.

Whether applying a treatment oil, a moisturiser or both products mixed together, always dampen the skin first.


How much moisturiser do I need for my face and neck?

For the face and neck, usually half a pump. If you also apply to the upper chest and tops of shoulders, one full pump is recommended.

*The most common mistake made with MV is using too much moisturiser and/or treatment oil. Experiment to find what your skin is happy with then use more or less depending on the season, your environment or your health.


Does MV Skincare have a light moisturiser for combination and oily skins?

Yes - you can tailor any MV moisturiser's consistency to your liking.

Place a small pump of Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser or Oxygen Moisturiser in the palm of your hand, then spritz it with Rose Hydrating Mist and blend together to form a light lotion. Smooth over face, neck and outer eye area.


Can you use MV products during pregnancy?

Yes, all of the MV products are safe to use during pregnancy. This is often a time where mums-to-be seek out natural and organic products and stop using unnecessary chemicals on their skin. MV Pure Jojoba is safe for newborns, it can be used for eczema, heat and nappy rash.


How do I store my MV products?

Store products in a bathroom cabinet or on a shelf that is not exposed to sunlight. Because MV products are fresh, it is important that it not be exposed to full sunlight or a heat source.

The volatile essential oils and fragile essential fatty acid oils do not tolerate high temperatures and UV light well. During the hot summer months (26 degrees or more) it is recommended you store your MV products in the refrigerator.


How should I care for my Compress Cloth

As MV compress cloth dries quickly it can be used up to three times before machine washing. These cloths are very robust and comprised of 100% cotton, so they can be washed at any temperature - even the hottest setting.


What preservative does MV use?

MV uses Honeysuckle Extract to naturally preserve their products, giving a 12 month shelf life. This preservative is safe and effective.


Does MV test on animals?

No, MV Skincare has been tested on humans only.


Why does MV use aluminium packaging and is it safe?

It is light, non-breakable and protects the product from sunlight. The lining of the aluminium bottles is a safe, inert resin, which is well suited to essential oil based skincare and to foods.

Also the outside of the bottle is covered with a clear lacquer so at no time are you or the product in direct contact with aluminium.


Why pump action dispensers?

Pump action dispensers are essential with such a fresh, natural product. This avoids contamination through finger-dipping and air-born bacteria.


Are the aluminium bottles recyclable?

Yes, the aluminium bottles are recyclable and can be re-used around the home or placed in the recycling waste.





The new name for MV Organic Skincare. Experience MV Skin Therapy at One Fine Secret. MV Official Stockist in Melbourne, Australia.