Sampling and gifting program at One Fine Secret

Sampling Program

One Fine Secret Sampling Program

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we’ve tailored our free sampling program to be on an opt-in basis.

You’ll now need to request your free sample at checkout. That means that only those of you who are interested to try a particular sample or two will receive them. It’s a handy way to see if a product is a great fit for you, especially if you have sensitive skin or tricky hair.

The majority of our skincare and haircare products are usually available as samples.

Unfortunately we do not have samples of:

  • dental products,
  • ingestibles,
  • makeup products unless they are liquids such as foundations,
  • products with a foaming applicator, rollerball applicator, or solid stick applicator.

In the event that a selected sample is unavailable, our team will substitute it for something similar we think you may like.

We have testers of almost all our products in store for you to feel, smell & enjoy!

We do also offer samples to customers shopping instore if you are wanting to take something home to try as part of your self-care ritual. Please simply ask one of our Natural Beauty Advisors if there is something you would like a sample of.

Our expert beauty advisors are always happy to assist in helping with personalised product recommendations. Get in touch here

Any query, big or small, we’d love to help!

On the 'My Bag' page when you're about to check out, you’ll be asked:

  • if you would like a sample included in your order and 
  • to specify the name of the particular product(s) you’d like to try. 

Our team will prepare the sample and pop it in your parcel. If your requested sample is unavailable, we’ll pick out the next best alternative.

Orders under $80 are eligible for one sample. Orders over $80 are eligible for two samples.

How to request a clean beauty sample at One Fine Secret

Free Gift Program at One Fine Secret

New Secret Gift Program

It’s a secret! Your Secret Gift will be hand-selected by our fabulous team of Beauty Advisors and may be from any of the brands we stock at One Fine Secret.

Gifts will vary depending on your order value and may include anything from skincare to haircare and more. We hope this is a fun opportunity to explore more of the world of clean beauty!

The Secret Gift Program is an on-going program that applies to your storewide purchase totalling over $350 in a single shop. This is separate to other limited time gift promotions that we run that are usually brand specific.

Our limited time gift promotions will usually require you to meet a certain threshold of spend on a particular brand to receive a gift from that same brand. They will often require you to enter a special offer code at checkout.

Yes. You’re automatically eligible for the Secret Gift and it’s the only gift offer that is available in conjunction with another limited time gift offer.

  • Limited to one gift per shop.
  • The $350 Secret Gift qualifying amount is after any discounts have been applied.
  • Open to all customers on every shop with us.
  • We retain the discretion to choose your Secret Gift.
  • Whilst this is currently an on-going program, management reserves the right to discontinue this gift program at any time.