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Pure PapayaCare


The Pure PapayaCare skincare range was formulated by naturopaths to find a real and highly effective alternative to skin care products filled with harsh chemicals.

Pure PapayaCare champions papaya as the hero active ingredient in most of their products. Papaya, or paw paw, is one of the best fruits for skin care as it contains rejuvenating enzymes that gently exfoliate and help restore, moisturise and renew the skin. They are rich in a range of vitamins, minerals, and healthy enzymes and are a traditional, effective remedy for wounds and soothing bites and dry skin.

Whole papayas are used in their products; skin, fruit, and seeds included, so that there is no wastage of the rich nutrients in this wonderful fruit. They are fermented first to concentrate the ingredients and ensure that the end product is rich in nutrients and gentle on your skin to help rebalance and heal even the most sensitive skin!


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