The Secret to Glowing Winter skin


Fluffy coats and woolly jumpers are keeping us cosy and warm this winter, but what’s protecting our skin from the sudden change in weather?

Just as our wardrobes adapt with the seasons, so should our skincare. With icy cool air, blaring heaters, and piping hot showers (we’re all guilty of this one!) our skin is often left needing some extra TLC and lots of hydration.

Some common changes your skin may experience as the cooler weather sets in is an increase in dryness, dehydration, dullness and even sensitivity.

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Want healthy skin that glows all winter-long? 

Oils are your BFF

Face oils are your new best friend in winter - if they aren’t already! As our skin produces less sebum in cooler temperatures, it’s important to nourish the skin with hydrating face oils. This can include swapping gel/cream cleansers for an oil cleanser, as well as layering a face oil underneath your moisturiser.

Layer on hydrating

If you suffer from dry skin, a simple 2-step skincare routine may not cut it in the winter. Ideally, your skincare ritual is providing your skin with both water-based and oil-based hydration. We love this 5-step skincare ritual for kicking dry, winter skin to the curb! 

Step 1. Cleanse with a balm or oil cleanser like Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn

Step 2. Hydrate with a face mist like Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator 

Step 3. Apply a water-based serum, we love Josh Rosebrook C Complex Serum

Step 4. Layer with a face oil such as MV Skintherapy Daily Soother Booster

Step 5. Seal it all in with a rich moisturiser or face balm - Mukti Marigold Hydrating Creme

Invest in an air humidifier

As there is less humidity in the air, along with the use of indoor heaters, we are constantly surrounded by dry air, drawing moisture away from our skin. Adding an air humidifier to your home is a brilliant way to combat dry air and bring back moisture into your environment. 

Avoid super-hot showers

This one's tough, we know! However, those boiling hot showers are further drying out your skin. Opt for warm water instead - just how goldilocks prefers her porridge, keep your shower temp not too hot or not too cold, but just right!

Hydrate from the inside out

Don't forget to drink water! You can douse yourself in all the luxurious hydrating mists, but it’s no substitute for adequate water intake. Herbal teas and broths are a lovely, comforting way to help increase your hydration when the weather is cool.




Photo credits: Mokosh