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Redefining breast vitality & lactation wellness

 In your pursuit of maternal well-being and lactation support, have you faced obstacles or uncertainties? Have you been offered well-intentioned advice that fell short in addressing your unique breastfeeding challenges? Are you a new mum-to-be with the expectation that breastfeeding will come naturally and effortlessly? If you resonate with any of these questions, know that you are not alone, mama. This featured post is tailored just for you! 


Yes, breastfeeding is biologically normal. However, that doesn’t mean it is straightforward or a “one size fits all” experience. Learning and understanding the remarkable intelligence of how the maternal breastfeeding body functions and the interconnectedness of how nurturing the lymphatic system cultivates such a significant role in this new process, can truly make a profound difference in supporting a mothers breastfeeding goals.


In a thriving lactating breast, milk effortlessly flows through the ducts, reaching numerous small openings of the nipple. This creates a comfortable sensation for mothers, and the breast milk harmoniously aligns with the baby's requirements. However, there are common instances when these ducts and the surrounding tissue undergo inflammation, causing ductal narrowing and disrupting this seamless flow of milk.


Breast inflammation is a conversation that is commonly overlooked in maternal care discussions and one that the Mammae Founder, has tirelessly devoted herself to. This common condition affects countless mothers worldwide and while the advantages of breastfeeding are widely recognised for both infants and mothers, addressing common issues like inflammation of the lactating bosom remains an ongoing area of research. Breast pain linked to inflammation is known to be a major cause of early cessation, highlighting the immediate demand for enhanced clinical support for maternal wellbeing. It’s a common condition that necessitates careful consideration and specific strategies to alleviate discomfort and restore optimal breastfeeding conditions. 


Within this featured article Mammae delves into the intricacies of breast inflammatory issues and together, we will learn to understand the importance of a well-supported lymphatic system, as it’s paramount for maintaining overall breast health; ultimately helping mothers to achieve their breastfeeding, pumping and lactation goals. 


Mammae’s mission and management plan is to prioritise gentle and effective strategies aimed at minimising inflammation of the breast with an emphasis on early intervention to impede the progression of common conditions, such as engorgement, ductal narrowing, milk stasis and mastitis. For mothers grappling with persistent challenges, pinpointing the underlying cause is instrumental in preventing future occurrences.


17 Lactation benefits of lymphatic breast massage

01 Boost Milk Supply
02 Improve Milk Flow
03 Enhance Oxytocin
04 Mitigate Mastitis
05 Enhance Blood Circulation
06 Aid Lymphatic Drainage Support
07 Reduce Fibrous Tissue
08 Prevent Ductal Narrowing
09 Relieve Sore Engorged Breasts
10 Minimise Breast Pain
11 Increase Nutrient Content
12 Reduce Inflammation
13 Fortify Immune Protection
14 Ensure a Comfortable & Optimal Latch
15 Support Lactation & Breast Vitality
16 Strengthen Emotional Connection
17 Promote a Sense of Relaxation


Why is Mammae so unique?

At Mammae, our goal is to empower all womankind with comprehensive resources and techniques that nurture their well-being, ensuring a smoother breastfeeding journey, positive breastfeeding outcomes and enhanced breast vitality. In our pursuit of redefining lactation health and breast vitality, we are committed to the provision of up-to-date, evidence-based information combined with holistic care, anecdotal findings and first-hand experience. We firmly believe that when it comes to breast health, knowledge is not just power; it's a lifeline. 

By challenging previous misconceptions and offering evidence-based solutions, we aim to transform the way breast inflammatory conditions are better understood and managed in a conservatory manner. In fact, current evidence suggests previous misunderstandings have often led to ineffective and/or even harmful treatment practices, leaving many mothers grappling with the pain, discomfort, and anxiety that breast inflammation may cause.

We hold the belief that every woman, regardless of the season of life she's in, deserves to harness the myriad benefits of this time-honoured practice. Integrating the therapeutic and ritualistic art of lymphatic massage into your daily routine has the potential to be truly transformative. Nurturing a functional lymphatic system will ensure that toxins are regularly expelled, ducts remain free of obstructions, and there's minimal accumulation, ensuring overall breast health.

"Mammae is setting a new holistic standard in the care for breastfeeding and pumping mothers."

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How to safely and effectively apply lymphatic breast massage techniques

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) stands apart from conventional massage techniques due to its notably gentle and precise nature. Positioned just beneath the skin's surface, the lymphatic system responds best to subtle manipulations, avoiding the need for deep or forceful actions. It’s vital to understand that the unique nature of the breasts lies in their anatomical design; distinct from other areas of the body, they lack the intrinsic support of muscles or fascia to actively propel lymph fluid. So your breasts are, in essence, made to be massaged.


Visualise the MLD process as a delicate coaxing, skillfully directing lymphatic fluid along its pathways, as opposed to deep tissue pressure. Picture it akin to guiding water through a flexible tube—a practice centred on nuanced guidance for optimal effectiveness. When in doubt, prioritise gentleness, understanding that a soft and delicate touch is far more favourable than applying excessive force to the intricate lymphatic system.


Here's a more detailed approach to achieving the right pressure before commencing your sequence:

Feather-Light Touch: Begin the massage with a very light touch, almost like you're skimming the surface of your skin. This helps stimulate the superficial lymph vessels.

Flat Hands: Instead of using just your fingertips, ensure your hands are flat. This distributes the pressure evenly and avoids inadvertent prodding that could be harmful.

Slow and Rhythmic Movements: Lymphatic massage is not about the force of the movement but the rhythm and consistency. Ensure your movements are slow, steady, and methodical.

Feedback: Pay attention to your body's intuitive feedback. If you feel pain, tenderness, or see signs of bruising, it's a clear indication you're applying too much pressure.

Consistency Over Force: For effective lymphatic drainage, it's more about consistent, regular massages than the amount of pressure applied in one session. Remember, the goal is to gently coax the lymph fluid to move, not force it.


When and how often should you massage?

For optimal effectiveness, Mammae recommends allocating 30 minutes daily to your lymphatic breast massage ritual. To incorporate this into your routine, especially as a busy mother, consider breaking it down into three manageable 10-minute intervals throughout the day, with an emphasis immediately prior to feeding or expressing. This structured time-block approach ensures flexibility while still harnessing the full potential of its benefits. 


Why the Bosom Ritual Elixir & Lymphatic Massage Coexist

Mammae Bosom Ritual Elixir shop now at One Fine Secret

Integrating Mammae’s acclaimed Bosom Ritual Elixir with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) into your breast care routine provides a powerful synergy, placing emphasis on managing inflammation for optimal breast health.

Leveraging the gentle touch of one’s hands paired with the therapeutic properties of Mammae’s multi-award-winning Bosom Ritual Elixir - a specialised Herbal Infused Breast Massage Oil, Mammae guides mothers towards priming the breast tissue and effectively facilitating the mobility of stagnant lymph fluid.  

By nurturing a functional lymphatic system, this will help to prevent inflammation, ensuring overall breast health and optimal lactation. Paired together, they are designed to help skilfully address common concerns such as alleviating breast pain, engorgement, ductal narrowing, mastitis, milk stasis and challenges linked to fluctuating milk supply.

The Elixir, enriched with specialised herbs finely tuned to the nuanced needs of the lactating breast tissue, primes and nourishes, while MLD enhances the natural detoxification process and fosters healing in an inflammatory environment.

The dynamic combination of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) with the Bosom Ritual Elixir presents a highly effective solution for breastfeeding and pumping mothers, offering both a responsive and preventative solution. 

With this foundation, we welcome you into Mammae’s comprehensive step-by-step lymphatic breast massage sequence. Delve into a world of unparalleled breast-care and allow Mammae to guide you in transforming your breastfeeding journey into a joyful, enriching and nurturing experience.

 Watch the how-to sequence here.


Beyond breastfeeding & why Mammae should be a part of every woman's daily self-care ritual

 Beyond the traditional association with breastfeeding, the Mammae collection offers an immersive self-care experience that extends to every aspect of a woman's health and well-being – from face, bosoms & body. 

A Pathway to Awareness and Prevention - Regular breast care rituals, including self-examinations and lymphatic massages, serve as proactive measures for early detection and awareness of potential issues. Integrating these practices into our daily routines equips us with the tools to safeguard our health and well-being proactively.

Prioritising Holistic Wellness - Breast health transcends mere physicality; it embodies a profound connection between the heart and bosoms, influencing the flow of energetic Qi, blood, and lymphatic fluid throughout our bodies. Neglecting this vital synergy can lead to discomfort or blockages, giving emphasis to the importance of holistic self-care rituals to restore harmony and balance. In our fast-paced lives, this connection often goes unnoticed, leaving our bosoms and hearts vulnerable. Yet, by recognising and honouring the energetic interplay between these essential organs, we empower ourselves to adopt intentional practices that nourish both our physical, emotional, and energetic selves.

Nurturing Empowerment and Body Confidence - Luxuriating in the Mammae collection isn't just about self-care – it's about reclaiming ownership of our health journey. By embracing Mammae's unique products and protocols, we not only prioritise self-care practices, but also cultivate a sense of empowerment and confidence in our ability to make informed decisions about our health and well-being.

 "Every woman deserves to feel empowered, nurtured, and in tune with her holistic wellness. Throughout my healing journey, I’ve come to understand the intricate connections within our bodies. I’ve learned that our emotional well-being is intimately linked to the health of our organs, including the bosoms. Our ability to navigate and process our emotions can have a profound impact on our lactation journey."

Mammae Founder, Erin Deger 


Product & Protocol in focus

Bosom Ritual Elixir

Mammae Bosom Elixir Ritual Oil shop now at One Fine Secret

The Bosom Ritual Elixir is enriched with the finest quality lactogenic, nutritive, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, carminative and nervine herbs to nurture and prime the breast tissue fostering comfort, self-connection, and breast wellness. 

Setting a new holistic standard in innovation and recognition, this multi-award-winning formulation method involves
a unique infusion of potent powdered herbal extracts. These targeted herbs undergo a slow 6-week filtration drip cycle under controlled conditions, allowing us to harness the full vitality of its unique tissue-supporting properties essential to lactation. Through this rigorous process, each drop is infused with milk-nourishing goodness, tailored to support breastfeeding and pumping mothers.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Breast Massage

Unlike other regions with built-in mechanisms for lymphatic circulation, the bosoms depend on external aids to ensure the smooth flow of this vital fluid. This inherent characteristic emphasises the importance of intentional breast care resources.
In recognising that the bosoms are, in essence, made to be massaged, we not only acknowledge the intricacies of their anatomic design but also empower women to actively participate in nurturing the well-being of their bosoms.

By embracing this gentle and purposeful method, MLD enables not only the optimal flow of energy, but also a conducive environment for toxin elimination through the lymphatic system, optimising the overall well- being of a mother’s lactating breast.


Are you ready to take charge of your breast health?

Discover Mammae’s range of multi-award-winning products and practitioner-endorsed protocols designed to support you every step of the way. 

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As you consider this Bosom Ritual Protocol, it's crucial to be informed about potential side effects and individual responses. This disclaimer is intended to ensure lactating mothers are well-informed and can make safe decisions regarding MLD self-breast massage. Your health and your baby's well-being are of paramount importance.


Potential Side Effects: 

It's crucial to recognise that (MLD) can initiate a cause-and-effect response within the body. Lactating mothers may encounter temporary symptoms, including localised tenderness, fatigue, or mild emotional shifts as toxins undergo processing and elimination. Occasionally, symptoms might potentially intensify before showing signs of improvement.


This temporary exacerbation is a common occurrence in the early stages of MLD therapy and typically indicates the body's natural healing process. However, individuals should be mindful of this possibility and consult with a healthcare professional if concerns arise. Continuing the therapy as recommended by qualified practitioners, who can offer guidance and monitor progress throughout the treatment, is advised.


Varied Response Time: 

The advantages of MLD breast massage may present themselves differently among individuals. Immediate relief may be evident for some mothers, while others may notice the benefits unfolding more gradually over a 24 - 48 period.

Medical Consultation: If you have a medical condition, are pregnant, experiencing mastitis, or are on medications, always consult with your healthcare provider before undergoing MLD breast massage. Certain conditions may be contraindicated or necessitate special precautions.


Trust Your Body's Innate Wisdom: 

It's essential to listen to your body's signals. While professional guidance is invaluable, your body has an inherent wisdom. If something doesn't feel right, trust your intuition, and seek advice or pause the technique.


Not a Substitute for Medical Treatment: MLD breast massage is an adjunctive care technique and should not replace professional medical advice or treatment. Always follow your healthcare provider's advice and report any unusual symptoms or discomfort immediately.


Regular Management: 

Consistent sessions may be suggested, especially if you're prone to breast discomfort or engorgement. However, balance professional advice with intuitive care, recognising when your body may need a break or additional support.


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