How Oil Cleansing Can Transform Every Skin!

Find out how oil cleansing can transform every skin! One Fine Secret Beauty & Wellness Blog Journal
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Oil cleansing has been part of natural beauty practices since ancient times but is seeing a resurgence in recent years. It involves the use of an oil-based cleanser, a face cloth and a facial massage!

As face oils provide exceptional hydration and suppleness, the benefits of oil-cleansing are pretty clear for those with dry to normal skin. But what if my skin is naturally oily? More oil = bad, less oil = good, right? Well not quite!

So how does it work?
One Fine Secret Blog - How Oil Cleansing Can Transform Every Skin!
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Due to its chemical structure, oil is lipophilic, meaning it is attracted to other oils (think - like attracts like). Your oil cleanser will absorb excess oil naturally occurring in your skin and remove any impurities without completely stripping the skin.

Blockages and congestion are mostly made of dried skin cells and old oil trapped in your pores. Oils are solvents and can actually lubricate and break up this dried oil combination, helping to draw it out from your pores.

Essentially, oil cleansers will remove what you want get rid of, and leave all that you want to retain! Amazing!

It will also give your skin a noticeable boost of hydration and revive dull skin. Plus, oil is your BFF if you wear make up or sunscreens which are hard to remove with just water or traditional cleansers.

Ensure to select a quality natural or organic oil cleanser to feed your skin with beautiful nutrients to nourish and thrive.

What Skin Types Is It Best For?

Honestly? All of them!


If you have oily skin and use products like foaming and gelling agents with harsh cleansing action, such as sodium lauryl and sodium laureth sulfates, you can actually strip the skin of oil completely, causing dehydration and irritation.

When you remove the oil, leaving the skin feeling squeaky clean, your skin's natural oil balance is disrupted and your skin will actually go into overdrive, producing more oil to compensate. This'll often leave you feeling oily again after a few hours and likely increase congestion – not ideal!! Switching to an oil cleanser can help to repair some of the damage and irritation caused by stripping products. It'll work to rebalance your natural oil production, boosting your skin health drastically!

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Oil cleansing is also great for dry skin types which lack natural oil in the skin. Oils add hydration and nourishment through Essential Fatty Acids. You’ll feel a bigger boost of hydration compared to cream and gel cleansers. Richer-textured cleansing balms (these are also packed with oils) are wonderful options for dry skin too. Both oil and balm cleansers provide an excellent protective layer to lock in moisture and prevent dehydration. We love:


Mature skin needs nurturing, vitamin-rich ingredients. Natural and organic cleansing oils provide all of this and can help to improve overall complexion, improve skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. We love:


If you experience sensitivity, opt for minimalist blends of gentle oils with anti-inflammatory properties such as jojoba oil, coconut oil and calendula oil. It’s best to patch test the oil on your inner wrist before applying to your face to ensure your skin doesn’t react. Anti-inflammatory oils can be highly nourishing and restorative for an irritated, sensitive skin.

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The Oil Cleansing Method

You should double cleanse if you're wearing sunscreen, makeup or simply need a thorough cleanse. The first cleanse will remove your sunscreen, makeup and impurities. The second cleanse will properly cleanse your skin. Below is your general oil cleansing ritual in 3 easy steps. Ensure to refer to any specific instructions on your own product packaging.

Step 1

Apply the oil cleanser onto dry skin and massage using upward and outward circular motions. Use sweeping movements from the center out to the hair and jaw lines.

Tip: If you’re wearing lots of eye makeup, it’s great to remove this first with a gentle oil cleanser or dedicated eye-makeup remover. Either gently swipe around your eyes with your fingertips or a soft cotton pad.

Step 2

Follow with a warm, wet washcloth to massage and wipe off the oil. You can apply firmer pressure for extra exfoliation. It’s essential to remove the oil with a cloth!

Option: If you prefer, instead of step 1, you can apply the oil cleanser directly onto your damp cloth and massage the cloth onto your face.

Step 3

If double cleansing, apply your second cleanser of choice suited to your skin type (e.g. oil, cream or gel cleanser). Massage and wipe off with a warm, damp cloth.

Enjoy your soft and supple skin!

Find out how oil cleansing can transform every skin! One Fine Secret Beauty & Wellness Blog Journal
Photo credit: MV Skintherapy

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