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The Fitzroy Naturopath

Digestive issues, decreased vitality and a disconnection from her body and self was the catalyst for a shift in direction for Jacqui O’Keefe, founder of The Fitzroy Naturopath.

Aligning with the path of holistic medicine, alongside a decade of dedicated yoga practice, Jacqui experienced a profound shift in her health and happiness, leading to the creation of The Fitzroy Naturopath.


Jacqui, Founder of The Fitzroy Naturopath.

Jacqui’s consultations are more than just that. Her purpose is to create a journey of deep connection with her clients, to ensure that each session is an experience of healing and progression towards better physical & emotional health.

Jacqui’s intention is to create full focus on her clients needs, which is imbued with attention to detail, a plethora of questioning, and emotional support with an exceptional ability to hold space for feelings and emotions to be expressed.

Jacqui’s calm & warming nature allows the healing process to unfold authentically, and her extensive naturopathic knowledge creates understanding for her client and allows her to execute treatment plans with extraordinary results. Her deep understanding comes from a place of true experience, where the modality of Naturopathy is how Jacqui healed from our many health concerns and deep bodily imbalances.

These health concerns included digestive issues, hormonal imbalance, heavy periods with pain, low energy and vitality,along with acne and troubled skin. 10 years ago, Jacqui fell onto this path of health, and it is now her purpose here on earth to facilitate the deep healing in others.

Her extensive naturopathic knowledge is evident in each and every one of her specialised tea blends. Enjoy each cup made with naturopathic love!



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