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Earth Lab

Wonderful Natural Deodorant Paste

We often take for granted the hard work that our bodies do for us. Take for example our underarms, which have hundreds of sweat glands that help us to control our body’s temperature as well as helping in expelling toxins from our bodies. Unaware, we often put harmful chemicals and sweat blockers on this sensitive area of our bodies.


Earth Lab Wonderful Natural Deodorant Paste, made in Melbourne, Australia. Now Available at One Fine Secret.

This does not have to be the case anymore as Earth Lab by Anya Skrynnik's Natural Deodorant eliminates the worry of smelling bad and using harmful chemicals on your body. The unique formula only uses natural and organic products, which effectively neutralise bad smells, while allowing your body to do its natural job unhindered.

  • Doesn’t contain any harmful Aluminium Salts or compounds, or any synthetic fragrances
  • Doesn’t contain any alcohol, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan or other harmful chemicals
  • Is completely invisible upon application
  • Contains pure essential oils and botanical extracts
  • It is never tested on animals
  • It is made with love and care right here in Melbourne, Australia




Wishing you joy & wonderful memories this festive season!

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